iPhone Gift Ribbon in Photoshop ( Tutorial )


1. Download The Source Files

Download the zip file which includes the iPhone image, app icons, and final PSD file.

2. Place The App Icons

Open the iPhone PSD file. Paste the app icons on top of the iPhone layer. Align the icons in a vertical column as shown.
vertical icons
Now, repeat this step for the horizontal row.
horizontal icons

3. Mask The Icons

Merge the icon layers and group them. Load the iPhone selection by holding theCmd key and clicking on the iPhone layer. With the layer group selected, click on the "Add layer mask" icon to mask the layer group.
mask the icons

4. Shadows

With the Gradient tool, apply a black gradient close to the edge of the phone, making them look like they are wrapping around the phone.
mask the icons

5. Right Loop

Select any two app icons of your choice. Merge them together in one layer. Go to menu Edit > Transform > Warp. Now you should see a overlay grid on top of the image. Drag the points, handles, or any where in the grid to warp the image.
right warp 1
Choose any 3 icons and merge them together. Again, go to Edit > Transform > Warp and repeat this step.
right warp 2
Repeat this step.
right warp 3

6. Knot

Paste the Setting icon in a new layer. Use the Warp tool to make it look like a knot.

7. Left Loop

Now, work on the left loop by repeating the warping step.
left warp 1
left warp 2

8. Shading

Create a new layer and set the Blending Mode to Multiply. Load the selection of the icon layer. Apply a light black gradient to create the shading effect.

9. Highlight

Now we need to hightlight the ribbon. Load the selection of the icon layer. Create a new layer. Fill the selection with white. Shift the selection 1px down, 2px right, and then delete the selection.

10. Repeat The Shading and Hightlighting Step

Repeat the previous step to create the highlight and shading for the bow.
highlight and shading

11. Bow Shadow

Create a new layer under the bow. Use the Lasso tool and draw a selection. Feather (Select > Modify > Feather) the selection by 10px. Fill the selection with black and mask the layer with the iPhone selection.
bow shadow


Here is the final image.
bow shadow

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