Turf Text in Photoshop ( Tutorial )


1) Lets get the ball rolling by starting a new document and typing some text out, (notes: personally I like more chunky letters but any font will do).
IPB Image

2) Firstly we must flatten our document to allow us the ability of running more commands, we do this by clicking 'Layer' > 'Flatten Image'. Following that we must transform our image into black and white, this is done by: 'Image' > 'Adjustments' > 'Auto Levels'.

Now pull up the "Channels" box, this is done by clicking 'Windows' > 'Channels' - notice how theres 4 channels within the box? well anywho we must duplicate the "Blue" channel, to do this left click on that channel and select 'Duplicate Channel', lastly like you see in the image below, deselect the eyelash from all the channels except our newly created duplicate.

IPB Image

3) Short step this time, 'Image' > 'Adjustments' > 'Invert', (Hotkey: Ctrl+I).

IPB Image

4) Get back to the "Channel" box and select 'RGB', (Note: this will turn your background into white). Click 'Edit' > 'Fill' and select 'Use: White' then press ok.

Select the "Magic Wand Tool" and change its 'Tolerance' setting to 1, now go back to the 'Channels' and press on our duplicated "Blue Copy" - this will turn our image back into the inverted black and white, anywho using the magic wand tool click anywhere on the white font.

Now back to channels again and select 'RGB'.

IPB Image

5) Create a new layer and then click 'Edit' > 'Fill' select "User: Color...", you should be looking at the "Color Picker" dialog - pick yourself a nice color, (I've used #003a66) click OK and OK again.

IPB Image

6) Deselect off the selection area and go to the Layers box, here press down on the "Background" layer and following that go onto 'Edit' > 'Fill', (Hotkey: Shift+F5), select 'Color' within the "Use" dropdown box - pick a colorful green which will be used for the turf, (Note: I used #006600) click the OK buttons again.

Now to get our turf look, 'Filter' > 'Noise' > 'Add Noise' and change the settings within the dialog to our sample:

IPB Image

7) Duplicate "Layer 1" and hotkey in 'Ctrl+U' which brings the Hue/Saturation dialog up! Pick a color you'd like the text to have as a dropdown, in this case I've used:

IPB Image

cool.gif Now within the Layers box move "Layer 1 copy" (the duplicate) just above the green background - so second from bottom, once complete go to 'Filter' > 'Other' > 'Offset' and change the following settings to:

IPB Image

9) Its finally time to merge "Layers 1", "Layer 1 copy" (the duplicate) and "Layer 2", we can do this by selecting the top layer and hotkeying 'Ctrl+E' twice! this is the shortcut to 'Layer' > 'Merge Down', your layers dialog should now bee looking like:

IPB Image

10) Now time to border around our text, this can be done by clicking 'Edit' > 'Stroke' and changing the settings to: 

  • Width: 3px
  • Color: Black
  • Location: Inside
  • Mode: Normal
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Do not check the \"Preserve Transparency\" box

Finally, and i mean finally... we can blend this into our 'turf', do this by clicking 'Filter' > 'Noise' > 'Add Noise' and selecting the following settings:

IPB Image

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